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Water makes our city and country a beautiful place to live. But when water leaves its natural habitat and invades your home, leaks, seepage and puddles can present a problem. Even houses waterproofed in the past can have their old system wear out and require waterproofing repairs. If you’ve waterproofed your house but now notice problems, you want to call someone you can trust.


Shine Star Tiling Specialist provides waterproofing repairs in sydney to make sure your home stays dry and secure. We can identify the problems in your sealants and repair or replace any damaged materials. With 10 years of experience, we quickly find the problem’s source – and its solution.


We provide waterproofing repairs to Sydney and surrounding areas. Take a tour of your home and see where you might need our services. For example, you may need them for your:

Rooftop, to protect against the weather
Pool or spa, especially those housed indoors
Bathroom or kitchen tiles
Balcony or deck
Basement, where leaks often hide
Our friendly team is capable of fixing your home and preventing property damage with expert waterproofing repairs done safely and efficiently.


We use the latest technology of liquid-applied membranes and waterproofing paint or primer to repair or replace your old waterproofing system. We’ll assess the best products for the interior and exterior of your house. When you let us take care of your space, you know the problem is under control.

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Shine Star Tiling Specialist  free quotes for all waterproofing repairs in Sydney, so you have nothing to lose. Call us on 0407 641 291 or submit an enquiry through our Contact Us Form to solve your waterproofing problems of your home in Cherrybrook, Hunters Hill or in North Sydney today. With our skills and services, you can better protect your home and family. Our waterproofing experts will inspect existing leaks and provide obligation-free quotes for the repair of leaks and associated damage. Once we are positive we have found the leak – and if our quote is successful – we can start the repairs. We will be on site from start to finish, along with all other trades required. All works will be carried out under an AWP licensed waterproofer, so there is no need for you to call in other tradespeople to finish any works.