Regardless of the style idea that you have in your mind to add flair to your home, installing tiles is a timeless way to accentuate the overlook of your home, especially the water-prone areas like the kitchen and the bathroom or the porch. Moreover, with the variety of tile designs and styles available, it becomes even easier to give your home a unique look. Tiles are more durable and long-lasting than carpet and wood and are one of the most sensible approaches to give your home an elegant look. However, to get the desired makeover with tiles, it is crucial that you get in touch with a reputed wall and floor tiler in Sydney.

In this article, we shall take a sneak peek at some of the design trends of tiles.

Popular Tile Design Trends

The best thing about tiles is that they have the capacity to seamlessly fit in with a multitude of design trends. If you happen to approach a popular wall and floor tiler in Sydney you will get to see that in recent times, the large format tiles have become quite common. Large-format tiles with minimum grout lines have become a preferred choice among homeowners because it gives a cohesive look to a particular space.

Similarly, the wood-like tiles wonderfully replicate the look of natural wood, and it is an extremely durable material. Among wood-like tiles, unique shapes like hexagons and mosaics have become popular in recent times. Similarly, tiles that have a natural stone look will never go out of style. However, you can also opt for ceramic and porcelain to get that bright and clean look in your home space.

Popular Décor Styles

In case you are unable to decide the kind of tile that would look best for your home, you can visit the best wall and floor tiler in Sydney, they will help you choose from a wide variety. As far as tiles are concerned, you have the option to choose anything from modern to rustic as per your personal taste. For example, if you are choosing a large-format grey slate, it can give your home a contemporary Nordic look, whereas a slate that has hints of orange and beige can lend a warm and rustic look to your beautiful den. Similarly, if you are looking at a contemporary décor, you shall have an endless option among porcelain and ceramic tiles. Installing wood-like or natural-stone like tiles adds a warm intonation to your space.

Shapes and Sizes of Tiles

Whether you are looking at traditional designs or at something which is unique, you need not be disheartened. A reputed wall and floor tiler in Sydney will help you with floor tiles that are available in different shapes and sizes. Apart from the standard sizes, there are some off-beat tile sizes, which have become popular in recent times. You will get to see a catalogue when you approach a professional tiler. Large-format tiles make a room look bigger, open, and less busy. On the other hand, as far as thickness is concerned, customers are opting for thinner tiles.

The choice is yours, to make your abode stand out!

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