Looking to upgrade the interior of your home with a durable, stylish, and unique tile floor? Here are a few trends that will transform your rooms within minutes.  Over the past few decades, tile has taken over the interior of the house, successfully replacing the most popular wood looks and is now expanding new avenues with the creative patterns, looks, and shapes in the flooring world.

In the coming year, everything is getting more exciting, and any tiling company in Sydney will present you with their bright looks, eye-catching patterns, and new designs.

    • Wood look alike tile flooring

Ceramic tile flooring earlier gained popularity owing to its resemblance to natural stone. Wood look alike is one of the most preferred tiling designs even before it became trending all over.

So, it is not surprising that the present natural wood looks are the hottest thing to consider in the flooring market. The manufacturers now design imitates of all the flooring trends, textured looks, and whatnot. All textured wood planks are different in character and style.

    • Stone look alike tile flooring

Stone look alike tiles are trendy in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The increasing demand for these natural looks at an affordable price is making the manufacturers go beyond. The best tiling company in Sydney will offer you beautiful and convincing stone looks in limestone, travertine, slate, and more.

However, to get the most timeless stone look, we recommend sticking to slate, limestone, or marble. All of them look elegant and clean and will easily hold up to the increasing wood-look competition.

    • Encaustic look alike tile flooring

Real encaustic tiles were first available in the form of ornate hand-crafted flooring tiles and hence one of the expensive flooring tiles available. At present, you can get the essence of the same craftsmanship and artistry with encaustic look alike tiles. It is much more affordable than the original tile and beautiful to enhance your living lifestyle.

With these tiles, you can expect an exquisitely crafted style, bold looks, and a lot of colours. They are well suited for kitchens and bathrooms.

    • Decorative tile flooring

Tile floor has become one of the ways to express the taste and personality of an individual. Nothing suits best like decorative style tile flooring to resonate your personality. With this flooring type, you have a chance to show your creative side by installing graphic style, contemporary decorative tiles. Such tiles allow you to make your kitchen floor look like a work of art.

A top tiling company in Sydney like Shine Star Tile Specialist will offer you a wide range of styles that will readily match with the rest of your house.

    • Black tile floor

Black is the new normal and matte black tile floor is one of the popular floor tiles. Black can be coordinated with almost all interiors of the house. Black floor tiles are a perfect fit for Scandinavian and modern style kitchens. It is a moody and chic colour that is taking over the hearts of homeowners. They are mostly available in different shapes like trapezoid and hexagons giving a unique look to your kitchen.

Tiling industry is filled with so many options in various colours and styles. If you are looking forward to changing your kitchen style with any of the above tile options or more, you can contact Shine Star Tiling Specialist – a reputable tiling company in Sydney.